We help large volume manufacturers and machiners of rough casting and forgings who are frustrated with the lack of support and results they are getting from their heat treat; like consistency, service, technical support, or process improvements.

HEAT TREATING SERVICES CORPORATION OF AMERICA (HTS) was founded in 1978. The first furnace was installed to heat treat steering knuckles for Ford. We continued to expand by simply installing furnaces to meet specific customer requirements. In 1990, HTS Plant II was purchased. And in October 1996, HTS acquired Plant III in Pontiac, MI. Our three heat treating facilities, combine for over 161,000 square feet, and are capable of producing 50,000,000 pounds per month of heat treat and clean parts. In 2002, we acquired 2.5 acres adjacent to HTS Plant I. This site has existing buildings and is ideal for expanding the scope of value added operations to support drop shipping to our client’s customers. In 2005, HTS acquired Trojan Heat Treat in Homer, Michigan consisting of 50,000 square feet of non-quench heat treating. We now combine for over 64,000,000 pounds of monthly capacity

HTS is a pro-active and innovative organization committed to provide world-class quality and on-time delivery. We have committed to our quality systems and embraced TS-16949 and ISO 9001 in July 2006. HTS views the TS and ISO accreditations as a minimum standard of compliance and will continuously seek avenues for improvement in all areas.

HTS serves the ferrous metal industries with thermal process and clean capabilities, which exceed sixty-four (64) million pounds per month. Heat Treating Services provides the following heat treat and related services on rough castings and forgings for our customers:

  • Oil Quench and Temper
  • Normalize
  • Normalize and Temper
  • Sub-Critical Anneal
  • Carbide Removal
  • Value Added Services
  • Hardness Histograms
  • Modified Spheroidize Annealing
  • Atmosphere Sub-Critical Anneal Analysis
  • Neutral Oil Quench and Temper
  • Protective Atmosphere Normalize
  • Normalize and Control Cool
  • Isothermal Anneal
  • Full Service Transportation Fleet
  • Critical Range Anneal
  • Tumble Blast Clean
  • Microstructure Evaluations
  • Atmosphere Spheroidize Anneal
  • Atmosphere Iso-Thermal Anneal
  • Blast Cleaning
  • Drop Shipping
  • Stress Relief
  • Inter-Critical Anneal
  • Age Hardening
  • Sorting
  • Bar Coding
  • EDI
  • Spectrographic

Our Abilities

Metallograph 1 Paxit Digital camera w/ image analyzer 2 Olympus BX60MB-1 Trinocular Microscopes 50 - 1000x 2 Hitachi High Resolution Video Cameras 2 Hitachi High Resolution 14" Video Monitors 1 Sony Model UP-895 High Resolution Video Printer 1 Sony Model UP-890 High Resolution Video Printer

  • 22" automatic wet abrasive cut off machine
  • Buehler Pneumet 1 ½" mounting press
  • Buehler Simplimet 2000 1 ½" mounting press
  • (2) Buehler 4-stage roll grinder
  • Leco 2-stage polishing table
  • Buehler Metaserv 2000 grinder-polisher
  • (2) Clark, model EDR, digital Rockwell hardness tester
  • Antonik, model AES-8, Rockwell superficial hardness tester
  • Antonik, EDR, standard Rockwell hardness tester
  • (2) Leco, RT 240, Rockwell testers
  • Applied Research Laboratories, model 3460, optical emission spectrograph
  • (3) Gogan, model 911, Brinell hardness tester
  • (2) Gogan, model 1414, Brinell hardness tester
  • Detroit Brinell hardness tester
  • King Brinell Tester
  • (3) Carolina band saws
  • (5) Baldor 14" two wheel pedestal grinders
  • (7) King Brinell scopes
  • (2) Kingscan II Automatic Brinell Cameras
  • Newage Lab Boss Automatic Brinell Camera
  • (6) PLC/PID computer integrated furnace controller
  • (16) ABB 12 Channel “REAL-TIME” digital media recorders
  • Triadx (4) Gas Analyzer, Furnace Doctor
  • Data Paq Temperature Uniformity Tracker
  • Super Systems Inc. Continuous Dewpoint Measurement Unit
  • Portable Atmosphere Measurement Unit

PLANT 1 - PRODUCTION 217 Central Avenue Pontiac, Michigan 48341-2924 (248) 858-2230 FAX (248) 858-2242 Equipment List

  • Dunmar; 2,000 pounds per hour continuous belt, direct fired oil quench and temper furnace
  • Industrial heating equipment; 2,000 pounds per hour, continuous belt, direct fired, oil quench and temper furnace
  • General Electric equipment; 3,000 pounds per hour, continuous belt, direct fired, oil quench and temper furnace
  • Standard fuel engineering; 3,000 pounds per hour, continuous belt, direct fired, oil, quench and temper furnace
  • Industrial heating equipment; 2,500 pounds per hour continuous belt, direct fired, oil quench and temper furnace.
  • Holcroft; 5,000 pounds per hour continuous belt, normalize furnace with still air and air blast cooling capabilities or iso-thermal anneal
  • AGF; 3,000 pounds per hour normalize or sub-critical anneal line
  • 2- 34 cubic feet, 20,000 pounds per hour plus 1-28 cubic feet, 10,000 pounds per hour wheelabrator steel shot blast cleaning machines.

PLANT 2 - EQUIPMENT & PROCESSES Processes Available

  • Stress Relief (open fire and atmosphere)
  • Normalize (open fire and atmosphere)
  • Blast Cleaning
  • Sub-Critical Anneal (open fire and atmosphere)
  • Iso-Thermal Anneal
  • LP Anneal
Equipment List
  • 3- Automatic micro/processor loaders
  • 1- 5,000 pounds per hour Holcroft roller hearth
  • 2- 5,000 pounds per hour Holcroft double row pushers
  • 1- 5,000 pounds per hour E.F.C. belt (iso-thermal anneal/normalize
  • 2- 34 cubic feet wheelabrator tumble blast machines, 20,000 pounds per hour each.
  • 1- 2,000 pounds per hour electric furnace company belt (atmosphere/anneal/normalize)
  • 1- 8,000 pounds per hour Linderg iso-thermal two row pusher roller rail

PLANT 3 - EQUIPMENT & PROCESSES Processes Performed

  • Spheroidize Anneal
  • Normalize
  • Oil Quench & Temper
  • Iso-thermal anneal
  • Carbide Removal
  • Sub-Critical & inner-critical anneal Tumble Blast Cleaning
Equipment List
  • 1- Continuous Roller Hearth (atmosphere controlled) with process capability up to 10,000 pounds per hour for oil quench and temper.
  • 1- General Electric Belt (non-atmosphere) normalize/annealer processes 10,000 pounds per hour.
  • 1- Pusher roller rail (atmosphere controlled) spheroidize and iso-thermal anneal up to 15,000 pounds per hour.
  • 2- 34 cubic feel wheelabrator tumble blast machines, 20,000 pounds per hour each.